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Step 1

Open a bank account for your child wherever you like

Step 2

Download and sign up in seconds on YounGo app

Step 3

Start teaching your kids about financial literacy.

Step 1

Open a bank account for your child wherever you like

Step 2

Download and sign up in seconds on YounGo app

Step 3

Keep track of your kids' pocket money and spending.

Set Goals and Monitor Spending

By setting spending goals for your children you can have a hand on their spending and also monitor them comfortably

Set rules and allowances

Without any difficulties set daily, weekly or monthly allowances and set spending rules to ensure

Add Funds Instantly

All transactions happen in the bank and there are no charges while transferring money with YounGo.

Set Chores, Give Rewards

One of the greatest ways you can teach kids about finance is to assign them extra chores and pay them for doing them.

nofee no cost
Free for a limited time

There are no fees for 1 year if you sign up now

YounGo has no subscription fees for 1 year if you sign up by 15th September 2022. You can create an account for free and start using the privileges. There are also no charges considered for ATM withdrawals, transactions, or loading up your kids’ accounts.

nofee no cost
we don't charge anything

No funds held by YounGo Money

We’re the bridge that links you and your kids to the bank. We don’t hold any of you funds and we don’t need to! All transactions are happening directly in the bank.

don't keep money
ultimate confidentiality

Independent sort code and account number

It all happens very officially. With the sort code and the account number known as the foundation of every bank account, you kids can safely allow money to be transferred to their account.

totally personal

Unnecessary for parents to hold an account with the bank

In order to use our product, we made sure you don’t need to open an account in the bank you choose for your child. This way you can both save time , and inspire a sense of independency.

shop online

Built-in marketplace for under-18s only

Encourage your kids to do their shopping themselves! With the built-in marketplace they can safely access thousands of products a child in that age might need.

the difference

Debit cards issued by the bank, not us!

Get a debit card for your child from the bank, we give you control over spending. As simple as it sounds, this way we can guarantee your safety more than before.

Just relax!

Your Money Is FSCS Protected

Neither is your money with us, nor do we issue the debit card! If anything happens to the bank, FSCS will automatically refund your funds of up to £85,000.

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For Parents' Peace of Mind


“Would you feel happy putting your money with a tech company? Banks are heavily regulated – they’re just safer.”

Managing Director

“People might not like banks in the same way that they like their social media providers, but they do trust them more.”

Digital Marketer

“I’ve tried other pocket money apps, but I end up paying them the same amount as the pocket money I give to my kids.”

Frequently asked questions

Use YounGo Like a Pro

As per UK Card Association, 72% of all the UK sales were made using a card in 2018. Also according to UK Finance, 98% of adults hold a debit card. These numbers indicate the importance of knowing how to use a card from an early age.

As a parent, you will not have any control over your children’s spending, and you will not be able to restrict how your children use their cards.

YounGo Money has many advantages over other pocket money apps. Firstly, their monthly subscription fee is high compared to what you give your children as pocket money. Also, they charge you for loading your child’s card and for withdrawing cash from the ATM. Secondly, when your children turn 18, they eventually want to open an account at one of the high street banks. YounGo Money, however, is a bank account with one of those recognisable high street banks. So, your child can continue keeping the same account for as long as they wish. Thirdly, your money with those pocket money apps does not have the same protection as it has with YounGo Money which is actually a normal bank account. These were only a few examples demonstrating how YounGo Money is better than other pocket money apps.

Your child’s debit card is the same as the one you get as an adult from a high street bank like Barclays, Lloyds, etc. However, there is no overdraft offered.

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Free for 1 year if you sign up now!

No credit card required.