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Earned Interest

“Interest” plays a vital role in the finance world such as saving for retirement and paying off debts. That’s why it’s necessary to discuss this concept with your kids and answer their questions about it. Knowing about it can help them build wealth and make

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What Are Stocks?

There’s a high chance that your kids come back from school asking you about the meaning of stock that they’ve just heard on the radio or seen on social media. I can get how hard explaining these topics to kids may seem, and that’s probably

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Good Debt and Bad Debt

As you know, credit history demonstrates whether you can purchase high-priced items like a house or a car or not. This concept is based on your debts, your responsibility, and your ability to repay them, and that’s why having debt is not as frightening as

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What Are Short-term Investments

All parents wish to raise children who can manage their money and overcome financial crises and problems on their own.As you know, the first step is trying to guide your kids to the right financial path by teaching them financial basics like saving, giving, budgeting,

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Overdraft Fees, Protection, Pros and Cons

For starters, bank accounts and debit cards are the perfect tools for kids to learn financial basics. However, after a while, they’ll need to learn more when it comes to more complicated concepts. Another subject that they’d better be aware of is credit and overdraft.

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Refinancing Mortgage and Switching Lenders

Mortgage rates are now at an all-time low, and this situation creates the perfect time to switch your existing home loan with a brand-new one. It’s worth the shot to shop around and look for new rates lower than the current one.If you want to

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How to Help My Kids Understand Taxes?!

I’m sure your kids have seen you a dozen times, scratching your head and staring at long digits. And they’ve probably come to you asking what you were doing while struggling with percentage signs and calculations. Most parents run away from talking about more complicated

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Talking about Inflation with Kids

Children can sometimes understand even the most complicated facts better than adults! The key here is to find out the most proper communication method. Each of them may have a unique way of understanding. While some kids find educational games, others may show interest in

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Online Shopping and the Cashless UK

We’ve all seen or at least heard that the UK is taking serious steps toward a cashless society, and there’s no stopping it.There is no denying that the pandemic has changed our lifestyles more than we can imagine over the last two years. Our simplest

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