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Stay Safe Online

I get how nerve-wracking it can be to constantly face headlines about online fraud, hackers, and scams. The stress level will go even higher when you want to purchase an item online or check your Emails and don’t know if the link in your email

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Pocket-Friendly and Thoughtful Gifts

Did someone say Gifts?!We’ve all seen the way kids run toward their Christmas or birthday gifts and how they eagerly tear the wrapping paper open to see what’s inside. That picture makes us believe that they undoubtedly love receiving gifts. But, how would you feel

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Money Saving Tips

12 Killer Money-Saving Tips for Teenagers!

Saving money is not a piece of cake, and it even becomes more and more difficult when you’re a teenager!Watching your friends having the time of their lives spending all their pocket money on clothes, new AirPods, or taking weekend trips can also make the

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How to Teach Kids about Investing

Teaching kids about investing, stock, shares, etc., is not a walk in the park, and we know it! Even a large proportion of adults still can’t figure out how and where to invest their money.  However, “Firm determination, it is said, can move heaven and

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How to Teach Children about Charity

I’m sure you’ve watched the “I ate all of your Halloween Candy” prank parents played on their kids. Among all the yelling and screaming, I’ve noticed most of them saying, “If you were hungry, It’s OK!”Makes you wonder whether it’s an instinctual characteristic since we

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Money Games that Are a Real Game-Changer!

You don’t need me to say it, but teaching your kid about money is one of the most vital things you should do as a parent. It’s important and at the same time, let me whisper this part it’s “tedious!”Making a highly energetic kid sit down and

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Spending Wisely. What Is it and How it Works?

I’m sure it breaks your heart when mommy says you can’t have a new scooter or another Star Wars Lego set! Have you hated them then?!It’s hard when someone says you will not be taking home what you’ve set your heart on, and that’s what grown-ups

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#7 Outstanding Tricks to Make Chores Fun

Recently, we’ve discussed household chores, the way they benefit our little ones, and how they can teach our children the value of money. The results are fantastic, but there’s an important question! How can we make our children do chores?That’s a valid question. But let’s take it

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Ins & Outs of Pocket Money

There is a never-ending debate about giving children pocket money. Some parents and experts believe that pocket money can be the secret ingredient to teaching kids money management. While others think it only fosters the habit of unnecessary spending.We get how challenging parenting can be.

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