#7 Outstanding Tricks to Make Chores Fun


Recently, we’ve discussed household chores, the way they benefit our little ones, and how they can teach our children the value of money. 
The results are fantastic, but there’s an important question! 
How can we make our children do chores?
That’s a valid question. But let’s take it a step higher. 
How can we make our children love chores?!
I know it may sound absurd, but it’s possible. We know some tricks that will make your children run to you asking for more tasks!
The answer to many of our serious problems is one simple word. “Fun!”
Lack of motivation, having a hard time starting to work, nagging, etc., are familiar situations for every parent whenever they ask their kids to do something. Keep on reading to find the remedy!

Why Is it Vital to Make Chores Fun?

Even adults are more motivated when their tasks are exciting and fun. However, it affects children differently. According to recent studies, when children enjoy something, they learn to do it better.
A motivated, cheerful, and responsible child is every parent’s dream. Using the following methods will help you obtain your goal.

How to Make Household Chores Entertaining?

Here in YounGo Money, we use our up-to-date knowledge and creativity to provide children and parents with valuable tips and lessons.
After days of psychological research, we came up with these #7 methods.

make chores fun

Turn Chores into a Scavenger Hunt

I’m sure you are now reliving good old memories of playing this super-exciting game with your classmates and friends. As easy and fun as it sounds, set a timer and create short tasks to be done in that certain time. For instance, set a 5 minute time for putting away the toys or setting the table and see who wins the contest. 

Make it Personal

If your kid loves green, why not buy her a green bucket and broom?! You can even make it more unique by writing their names on their personal cleaning equipment or even asking them to customize them the way they like. When they have their own cleaning stuff, they’ll feel motivated to clean or dust.

Make Chores fun by Turning them into a Musical

Choose proper songs and let your children listen to them while helping with chores. To make it even better, you can make their special chore playlist and add their favourite songs to it. If you are in the mood, throw a dancing/working competition! It’s provedto be one of the most effective methods to make chores fun.

Score chart

Design a chore chart and score your children whenever they finish a task. For example, cleaning their room can have #5 points and putting away their toys #3. You can also reward the one with the highest score. Put a name on that prize to make it even more special. Take “The helper of the week” as an example

Never Stop Playing Games

Another way to make chores fun is turning them into games! Almost everything is more fun when we turn them into games. You can use a dice to give each one a different task, have a sock-matching contest, or even let them wear their favourite super-hero costume and start cleaning. Then you can encourage them to make up stories about their super-hero mission to help in the house.

The Family Team Always Wins

Think about it as a bonding time for family members. If children work with their parents as a team, they’ll learn the tasks better and faster. In addition, it will also improve their teamwork spirit. 

Make cores fun by turning it to a family activity

Pocket Money

find anything you should know as a parent about pocket money.

Using pocket money as a reward is proved to be a perfect method to make chores enjoyable. Each task you give your children can have a certain amount. If they manage to finish it successfully, they’ll get paid.
Although there can be various methods for combining pocket money with chores. For instance, you can decide to pay them after each finished task or tell them to keep track of their tasks and get paid at the end of the week.

Wrap Up 

Giving your children household chores is an underestimated parenting method. It teaches your child how to be responsible, and they’ll learn essential life skills. However, even adults sometimes find it hard to get up and clean, so what can we expect from our children?
That’s where that #7 creative method we mentioned earlier come to change the game! Regardless of the task you want to do, you should always add the “Fun” ingredient to it.
Remember, “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” -Dale Carnegie.

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