Britain set on fire at a record high temperature


Many parts of the UK have reportedly set a record high temperature of 40.3°C on Tuesday. There are 34 weather stations that captured the exceeding temperatures and say it carries a warning that the obvious changes in the climate mean extreme heat events will become more and more common in the future.

It’s a wake-up call!

The burning weather is reported to be responsible for up to 1,000 excess deaths between Sunday and Wednesday since several houses were set on fire all around the UK. It’s been said that scientists warned people, that the UK is on track to see similar extremes every three years in the future.

Hundreds of firefighters dealt with fires across London, including in Wennington, where it started from grass and spread to properties.

One concerned citizen said, “My house is completely gone, as is the next door neighbour’s and three or four other houses along that bit.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel said it is urgent that everyone follows the safety advice from their local fire departments such as not having barbecues and bonfires, and being careful when putting out cigarettes.

Sadly two people were also taken to the hospital due to inhaling a lot of smoke after a fire in Dagenham, east London.

Almost all front pages have been loaded with images of the homes that were damaged by fire caused by the heat. The Times, the i, the Daily Mirror and the Daily Express all declared the last few days as the hottest days in the history of the UK.

The Daily Express says supermarkets have also reported a roaring trade with big leaps in sales of paddling pools and ice cream.

In the meantime, the Times also says Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is closing in on Trade minister Penny Mordaunt in the race to be in the final two of the Conservative leadership contest.

Be careful not to get heat struck during these times, and pay attention to the safety advice from your local firefighters.

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