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Borrowing Money

Can borrowing money be good?

There’s always been a firm argument that no debt is ever considered good. However, borrowing money in some situations is the only way many people can afford to make extravagant purchases such as buying a home. While taking on debt to buy a home is

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The Mystery of Mortgages

There might be many layers of complication behind the definition of mortgages, so let’s start slow and take very tiny steps toward understanding it. Buying a decent home is a gigantic move and many people don’t have enough capital to even think of making it.

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Discover Your Kids inner Entrepreneur

Discover your kids’ inner entrepreneur

Other than people with an entrepreneur mindset, the majority of the people around you seek stability and avoid any means of risk. It’s understandable and makes perfect sense if you’re looking for normalcy. You can complete your education, find a great job and retire soon

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Loot Boxes and Gambling

Loot boxes and gambling

The impact video games have on children is more complicated than people usually think. Nowadays video games have reached a level of sophistication that require players to engage on a deeper physical and emotional level than other activities such as watching a movie or a

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Financially Literate Parents

Financially literate parents

Living a financially literate adult life becomes harder and harder as you grow into every new stage of life. It becomes quite difficult with marriage when dozens of new responsibilities are laid on to you, and ultimately becomes the hardest you’ll ever experience when you

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teenagers that make money

Kids/Teenagers that Make Money in the UK

One of the main reasons to teach your kids how to make money is to stop them from making the financial mistakes you made throughout your life. Therefore, teaching them different ways they could earn some pocket money is one of the best things you

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Stay Safe Online

I get how nerve-wracking it can be to constantly face headlines about online fraud, hackers, and scams. The stress level will go even higher when you want to purchase an item online or check your Emails and don’t know if the link in your email

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Pocket-Friendly and Thoughtful Gifts

Did someone say Gifts?!We’ve all seen the way kids run toward their Christmas or birthday gifts and how they eagerly tear the wrapping paper open to see what’s inside. That picture makes us believe that they undoubtedly love receiving gifts. But, how would you feel

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Money Saving Tips

12 Killer Money-Saving Tips for Teenagers!

Saving money is not a piece of cake, and it even becomes more and more difficult when you’re a teenager!Watching your friends having the time of their lives spending all their pocket money on clothes, new AirPods, or taking weekend trips can also make the

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