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As technology and the digital world evolve every day, we change with them too. Many words and behaviours have now lost meaning, and the newer ones have replaced them. “Digital Parenting” is a perfect example of that statement.
Now that the internet and advanced technologies are inseparable parts of our daily lives, it’s vital to know how to teach our children to interact with them. That means we as parents have to make sure that our parenting patterns are on the right path. That’s why in this article, we’ve started from the very beginning to help parents kickstart their journey towards being perfect digital parents.

What Exactly Is Digital Parenting?

Almost a decade ago, digital parenting was only to make your children get up from the PC chair or make them hand you their portable PS. However, in 2022, everything has changed. Almost all of our daily tasks somehow need the internet or technology. Ordering food, shopping for the house, registering kids in courses, reserving a hotel for vacation, etc., are just a few examples of the internet’s vital role in our lives. 

With all these changes the internet and digital growth have made, parents must also change their parenting methods. 

Digital parenting is guiding teaching our kids toward safe and rational technology use. The digital parenting process contains: 

teaching internet-related lessons, controlling the kid’s screen time, setting limits, and keeping track of their online activity. 

Why Is Digital Parenting Vital?

In the last few years, the number of cyberbullies, predators, and inappropriate content raised significantly.
That can be an alarm for parents to try and perform better in digital parenting to prevent these bad things from happening or to know how to manage the situation.

what is digital parenting?

Tips for Successful Digital Parenting 

If you still are confused about the concept of digital parenting and don’t know the right or wrong, we’ve gathered some practical tips to help you throughout this process.

 Keep Pace with the Growth of Technology

As prosperous digital parents, you should always be ahead of your children in technological knowledge. One of the simplest ways is to read the technology section in the news or follow some relevant pages or websites to stay up-to-date. If your kids tell you they use a new application or online game, you should search and find the app and read all the risks, features, etc.

Try to Have a Conversation about Online Safety Once in a While

Be sure to discuss online safety with your kids every so often. Keep them updated about the online risks and dangers. Try to create a safe environment for them while talking. Doing so will help them share the inconvenient experiences they had. Ask them to talk about the website they visit or the apps they use. Assure them that you will always be there for them if anything happens.

Discussing the Online World, a Big Part of Digital Parenting

If you’ve recently read something on the news related to technology and the internet, make sure to bring that to the dinner table. Talking about technology and the internet can be a perfect topic to talk about with your kids. For your kids to use the internet more responsibly, they need to know some basics about it. Encourage them to increase their knowledge by listening to podcasts or reading helpful blogs.
To make it more fun, you can turn it into a game. Prepare some technology-related questions and see which one of the family members can have more correct answers.

Parental Control Apps

As we mentioned before, parental control apps can be a great way of keeping your kids safe. Unfortunately, some parents avoid having conversations with their kids and only use parental control apps. This behaviour can damage the relationship between parents and children. We always recommend telling your kids about monitoring them. However, in some cases, they shouldn’t know about monitoring, like when you suspect your kids are using drugs or alcohol. Various parental control apps are now on the market, helping you to keep track of different things.
Screen time, social media, and spending can be monitored using certain apps.
If you want to keep track of your kids’ spending, set spending limits, assign chores, etc., YounGo Money can be the ultimate solution.

Be Their Online Mate!

Keeping a connection with your kids online can be a great way to see what’s going on there. Some parents prefer to chat with their kids, or some may join the online games they are playing.

Don’t Invade Their Privacy

When you constantly try to find out what’s happening in their online lives, your kids may feel you can’t trust them. That way, it’s possible for them to hide their activities.
They may even avoid talking to you if something bad happens to them.

respect children's privacy

Set Rules Together!

Sit your kids down and tell them to help you set rules for using the internet and digital devices, like, how many hours a day they are allowed to use their mobile phones. The rules should not be hard to follow, and you should also talk about the consequences of obeying them.

 Monitor the Spending with YounGo Money 

As we mentioned earlier, it’s a vital part of parental control to monitor your kids’ spending. Unlike similar applications, YounGo Money works as a bridge between your mobile phones and high-street banks. All you need to do is open an account online or go to the bank you trust. The next step is installing the YounGo Money on your devices. Now you can monitor your kids’ spending, set spending limits, assign chores and pay them. 

To Wrap Up 

Now that you exactly know the meaning of digital parenting, its vitality, and how can you be a better digital parent with our tips, not only can you be sure of your kids’ online safety, but you will also have a better relationship with them!
Be sure to share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comment section.


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