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Living a financially literate adult life becomes harder and harder as you grow into every new stage of life. It becomes quite difficult with marriage when dozens of new responsibilities are laid on to you. It ultimately becomes the hardest you’ll ever experience when you become a parent. Having to manage all of the new expenses that come along with becoming a parent and having to save for their future are some of the many reasons it happens.

Therefore, it becomes more and more crucial to keep yourself financially literate and more importantly, up-to-date. You need to be able to manage your money intelligently to lay the foundation of a financially successful life for you and your family. Eventually, you can pass on these skills to your children. It will guarantee their future stability and financial success as well, which is the ultimate goal.

There are many resources that can help parents build up their financial literacy. There are various podcasts that specifically emphasize on financial aspects of raising kids, or many that focus on saving for college, and so many other learning materials that help parents understand the basics of finances.

We decided to test some of the resources so we can list the ones worthy of your time with peace of mind. Let’s dive in and find out more. In the following article, you will learn about:

Financial resources for parents


Ever since the outbreak of the internet, everyone has found access to so many resources online. The only problem’s that now there is too much information on the web. It’s usually very tough to find out the most reliable ones. Here are some online/offline resources we found very interesting.

Financial Literacy Rocks!

“Financial Literacy Rocks!” is a website that collects the best financial content across the web and neatly sorts it into different categories. You can find different types of resources both for parents and kids, including articles, videos, and interactive financial games.

Parents can find great information on topics such as “how to prepare kids for financial education” and “comparing the best bank accounts for children.” Keep in mind that whenever you decided it was necessary to open bank accounts for your children, not to forget about a money management system so you can have full control over their financial status, so you can guide them through every step carefully.

YounGo Money App is a pocket money management system that is linked to your kids’ bank accounts and enables so many great money management features both for kids and parents, all for free.

Take a deeper dive and learn more about the importance of pocket money management systems.

The SavingsAngel

Many people find it much easier to learn by listening rather than by any other approaches such as reading. These are the people who find podcasts very interesting and helpful. “The SavingsAngel” is a powerful financial podcast that tackles many different aspects of finance and talks a lot about how to raise a family on a budget.

The host, Josh Elledge, also talks a lot about how to seal the best deal possible in every important purchase you might face in your life. Elledge seems like a guy who knows all there is about finding discounts and taking advantage of them.

The Price You Pay for College

There are more than enough parents who worry about helping their kids go through the best educational plans possible. Let’s face it, it’s a very costly path to take.

“The Price You Pay for College” cover every necessary step for parents to build a solid financial plan for their kids.

There are various chapters that provide you with great financial aid, making this book one of the best resources found on the market.


“Parents” magazine has been recognised for its genius ideas on how to raise a family. There are vital tips on managing your household finances that truly change your perspective on money matters. 

The tips can be as little as saving money at the gas pumps and going as far as tricks on how to safely buy a decent home for you and your family. “Parents” has proven its worth over the years and it’s a necessary resource for every parent.

Bottom line


It’s impossible to raise financially literate kids without having intelligent, well-educated parents. It’s necessary for every parent to get their hands on the best resources. They can help them build up financial literacy they can pass on to their kids later on.

Make sure to take great advantage of the resources mentioned in this article and seek professional help whenever necessary.

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