How to Build a Financial Plan for my Kids


Every parent aspires to provide the best for their children. If you want to make their dreams a reality it’s time for a financial plan. Continue reading below to learn how to build a financial plan for your kids.

Building a financial plan for your children will not only help you save money for your family but teach your kids healthy money habits that will help them in the future with their own family. 

Set your objectives before building a financial plan

The first step in creating a financial strategy is to think about your objectives.

For instance, not every child will attend university or marry, but every child will need a place to live when they reach maturity.

You may not be able to afford to buy a home for your children, but could you save enough to help them get a down payment for their house?

Find out how to achieve your objectives

How much would you need to save and for how long if you wanted to save £10,000 to help your child with a deposit on a first home?

Consider for instance, to save £10,000 at a 5% annual interest rate, you’ll need to save £60 a month for 14 years.

£10,000 may sound like a lot, but £60 each month? That’s achievable.

One may even decide to save up less money each month, but saving for longer time. That is also a possibility.

Keep tabs on your spending

Get a handle on your present expenditure to guarantee you can save enough to reach your goals.

Track your expenses with a spreadsheet, a smartphone budgeting software, or a pen and paper. To get an accurate view of your financial flow, add all of your income and outgoings. This should help you figure out what you need to cut in order to accomplish your savings targets.

Organize your spending into necessary and non-essential categories. This manner, you’ll be able to assess if there are any obvious cost-cutting opportunities. You’ll be able to quickly see how much money your family wastes on avoidable expenses – money that could be saved or invested for the future. 

Make a budget for your family and stick to it

Because it’s impossible to anticipate all expenses, you might want to set aside “pots” of money each month for specific purposes. For example, £100 per month could be spent on entertainment, technology upgrades, or new clothing.

Simple family financial planning can assist guarantee that these tiny, unexpected charges do not derail your family’s financial plan.

Comparing your budget to your actual spending can reveal where you went wrong or correctly.

Include everyone in your family in your financial plan

The most crucial thing on how to build a financial plan for your kids is to discuss your financial situation with your partner and others. Determine as a family what you believe you could save money on and what you hope to be able to afford in the future.

Remember that they are affected as well, and involving them in your family’s financial decisions can help everyone understand how and why they can contribute.

You can better grasp what you’re attempting to achieve as a family and keep on track by being upfront about your financial successes, worries, and objectives.

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