Jobs 10-Year-Olds Can Do to Earn Money


While some may find it absurd for a 10-year old kid to work, we’ve put together scientific and psychological facts to prove them wrong. Children’s jobs teach them valuable lessons they can’t fin anywhere else! Besides, any job they take can teach them good work ethics, business skills, responsibility and empathy.
Here in YounGo Money, we’ve broken down this matter into two POVs to see why parents want their kids to work in the first place, why some kids tend to kick-start their working journey earlier, and what are the available jobs 10-year-olds can do to earn money.

Parents’ Perspective on children’s jobs

It is “crystal clear” to any thoughtful parents that passing on particular “sets of values to their children is not enough.
After teaching them about kindness, honesty, and respect, it’s time to instil into their kids some working codes of ethics.
At the end of the day, all of our cute and playful kids have to work, and we rather it not be a surprise for them. Besides, they’ll be more prepared for their independent life once they leave for college.

Children’s Perspective

For many children, the taste of being financially independent is sweeter than honey! That’s why they tend to work to have extra pounds in their pocket in addition to their weekly allowance.
Without further ado, we’ll dive right into the pros and cons of children’s jobs.

The following paragraph is Only for children!

(Before starting anything new, consider making a pros and cons list. This list benefits you in many ways. It helps you organize your thoughts and decide whether the thing you’re about to do is worth it or not.)
As you know, everyone responds differently to life experiences. That’s why you need to have a complete understanding of your personality before taking a job.
Keep up with us until the end, consult your decision about working with your parents and ask for their opinion and permission. That way, you’ll avoid the consequences of rushing into it and can make a logical decision about it.

jobs 10-year-olds can do to earn money

Advantages of Children’s Jobs

  • As previously mentioned, working develops a sense of responsibility in kids. No matter how many books they have read about it or how many times they’ve heard about it at school, working can put them in this situation. Then, they’ll have a solid understanding of it. 
  • According to recent studies, students who work get better grades compared to their classmates who don’t. 
  • Many experts believe the magic door from childhood to adulthood is working. 
  • And last but not least, working helps children have a better understanding of money, its value, and the right way to manage it.

Disadvantages of Children’s Jobs

  • If your children are not mentally prepared to work, any job they take may add stress to their lives.
  • So many children think having a job means their childhood is over, and this feeling can lead to depression.
  • Some inappropriate working places expose children to some situations they are not ready for yet.

A quick wrap-up

In general, it’s a good idea to permit children to work. But bear in mind, Everything in moderation!
That means too much or too little work won’t bring any positive results.
In addition, parents play a vital role in preventing the disadvantages of working. In other words, you have to be involved in this process as much as your children. For instance, you should track their working hours to make sure they’re not working too much and visit the place they’re working to check its safety. In addition, their employer must be someone who knows how to work with younger people and be capable of patiently teaching them about the job and even financial skills. For young teens, it’s recommended to work for their family, acquaintances, and neighbours.

If you’ve come so far in this article, I guess you’re willing to encourage your children to work. And if you are not a parent, you must be a responsible child looking forward to making their own money ASAP!
Either way, we help you find the best age-appropriate jobs.
You don’t need me to point out that it’s still too soon for a 10-year-old to have a part-time job. But, it doesn’t mean there isn’t anything else they can do!
Unlike teenagers, children between 10 and 11 need an adult’s supervision, especially at the beginning.

Get to Know the jobs 10-year-olds can do to earn money

Here, we’ve gathered the suitable jobs 10-year-olds can do to make money.

parents helping children

Helping in yard works

It’s not a heavy task for an 11-year-old to water the flowers or rack the leaves. To make it look different from a house chore, they can ask the neighbours if they need help.


You may consider it a tricky task for a child, and you are right! However, they can be a perfect babysitter if you prepare them for it. But before asking them to take care of your friend’s newborn, you can make them watch their younger siblings for a couple of hours with an adult’s supervision. Give them a test run and explain everything they should know about taking care of a baby. 

House and Pet Sitting

If your neighbours are away, your kid can feed their pets or water their plants.

Final Words

Don’t let “hard work,” money management,” etc. be just buzzwords for your kids. Encourage them to learn new skills and take simple jobs. Remember, providing anything your children desire will not make you a good parent. Instead, making them ready for the future shows how responsible you are.
Sit your kids down and illustrate how working can help turn them into successful adults in a couple of years. Figure out what their interests are to opt for a suitable job.

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