Mobile Phone for kids, Is my Child Ready?


Whenever you see “children” and “mobile phones” together, be prepared for a controversial topic!

Each and every parent has a different point of view about whether or not their child should get a mobile phone. Even if they finally give in and accept the fact that every child should have a phone, there’s still a debate about the best age to get a phone and whether or not they are ready for it.

Before we dive into our research, let’s have a quick look at some statistics. 

50% of children by the age of #7 and almost 90% of children between 12 and 15 own a mobile phone. Kids generally use their mobile phones to play games, talk with friends, or watch videos. 

But before checking if your child is ready to have a mobile phone, let’s see why it is necessary for children to have a mobile phone.

The vitality of Getting Mobile Phones for Kids

  • Keeping in Touch: The least a mobile phone for kids can do is let you know if your children are safe and sound when they’re out. 
  • Emergency: Putting your name and contact information on the emergency contact list can be a huge help for the times your kids get sick or in an emergency. Even if they are not able to call you, someone might be around to check their mobile phones and contact you. 
  • Socialising: The format of socialising has changed so much in the past couple of years. Nowadays, talking in group chats can be just like hanging out in coffee shops but with no coffee! The younger generation prefers to move all their daily tasks online, and spending time with friends is no exception. 
  • Fun and Entertainment: It’s clear that children ask for a mobile phone because it’s fun! It’s not a bad thing. Getting them mobile phones enables them 

 Finance Tracking: In the last couple of years, many mobile banking apps for kids have come to the parent’s aid. Applications like YounGo Money are now in the market, helping kids and parents in many ways. Getting mobile phones for kids lets them install pocket money or finance-related applications. These apps, specially YounGo Money, focus on helping kids learn money management or how to save or invest. In addition, parents can track their kid’s spending with their own version of these apps.

What else Can YounGo Money Do for kids and Parents?

In addition to the educative lessons, parents can also use our app for chore management. It’s like hiring your kids and paying them for fulfilling the tasks. 

For younger children, our money games can work like a charm to attract them to finance matters! 

Children can also split their money and put them in different buckets like saving, spending and giving.

Signs You Can Understand It’s Time to Get Mobile Phones for kids.

“My friend John has this new iPhone. It’s super cool! Can I have one too?”

” Will you get me a mobile phone for my birthday?”

If you’ve heard these sentences from your kids recently, then perhaps you’ll need our help.

Parents mostly find it hard to understand whether their child is ready for a mobile phone or not. That’s why we’ve gathered a guide for you to make this process easier.

Why Do They Need a Mobile Phone?

The initial step is understanding the reason they want a phone. Try to find out why your kids insist so much on having a mobile phone. 

Do they need it for school work? Or are they jealous of their close friend who has recently got a phone? 

Believe it or not, knowing the reason why they need a phone can help you take the next step towards deciding whether they’re ready or not.

Monitor Their Behaviour

You need to see if they are mature enough for a mobile phone or not. You can monitor your kid’s responsibility. See if they can respect certain rules or know how to handle someone else’s property. 

Talking Might Be Helpful

If you think they only want mobile phones because of the pressure of their friends and classmates, try to explain the situation and help them understand because our friends have something doesn’t mean we have to have them too.

Set Rules Together

If you’ve finally decided to purchase a mobile phone for your kid, you better start setting some rules and guidelines as soon as possible. Demonstrate when they can use their mobile phones, how much they are allowed to spend on them, and what apps are appropriate for their age. It is also vital to warn them about scams and cyberbullies. Let them know how they take action and what your kids should do if they encounter them. Read more about kids’ online safety here.

You Should be Ready too!

It’s necessary for every parent to monitor their children’s screen time and their usage. If you’ve decided to get your kids a mobile phone, you should check whether you are ready to monitor them. There are now many Parental control apps in the market that can help you throughout this process. 

These apps let you set limits for your kid’s screen time and check their texts or call history.

Do They Protect their Belongings?

Having a mobile phone also means knowing how to keep it in a safe place or not lose the charger or the phone. Make sure they know how to look after their belongings before buying them a mobile phone.

mobile phone for kids

Wrap Up

Getting mobile phones for kids can be tricky, many parents can’t decide whether it’s the right time or not. However, we’ve tried to gather logical reasons why kids should have a phone and when is the best time for getting it.

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