Money Games that Are a Real Game-Changer!


You don’t need me to say it, but teaching your kid about money is one of the most vital things you should do as a parent. It’s important and at the same time, let me whisper this part it’s “tedious!”
Making a highly energetic kid sit down and listen to topics about Budget, Saving, Loan, etc., is a mission impossible. 
If you don’t act wisely while teaching, they may cover their ears and run the next time they hear something remotely related to money. 
So, what’s the solution?! Should we give up and let them grow up as a person who thinks a “401 K” is a new website error?! 
Of course not!
YounGo Money team has decided to mention some helpful board games to entertain your kids and get them interested in money. 

How can Games Help?!

Even if you haven’t tried teaching your kid financial lessons yet, I’m sure you can still guess how boring it can be for them because generally, kids don’t show interest in maths and money lessons.
On the other hand, they find brain teasers, puzzles, and adventures fun and thrilling.
As a result, you can sugar-coat money basics with entertaining online games, board games, and made-up games.
The number of money games available is countless. Based on the terms you want to teach your kids, you can use our list below to find the one that fits you the most.

Online Money Games

With the fast-paced development of technology, there’s nothing you can’t find online. Children’s online money game is not an exception. 
Games like Toca Store teach your children basic math skills, how to set a price on a product, money value, etc. 
In Toca Store, the kid plays the role of a shopkeeper who should select, set a price on, and sell five products out of #34.
As this game needs another player as a buyer, you can play with them or ask your older child to do it. 

Understandably, many parents prefer not to use online games as a money teaching method as they increase kids’ screen time. 
So let’s do it old-school!

board money games

Money Board Games

In my opinion, board games are a better alternative to online games.
Board games can create a delightful family moment and teach important lessons without making kids spend hours staring at their iPads.

  • The Pocket Money: Save or Spend: This fun game is suitable for ages four and up, asking questions based on National Curriculum. The Woke Babies company has designed this game for 2-6 players. Your kids can both enjoy and learn the value of money, sharing, and empathy. 
  • Pop to the Shops: This radiant, colourful, and enjoyable game by Orchard Games attracts everyone regardless of their age. Pop to the Shops is designed for 5 to 9-year-old kids. Each player has a 3D character moving shops to shops and deciding whether to buy different items. The winner is the first player who has purchased at least #6 items. This game encourages kids’ observational, social, math, and money counting skills.

List of financial games

Budgeting Games

In addition to these games, if you aim to teach your kids specific money lessons like Budgeting, there are many helpful games like Pay Day and The Game of Life

“Pay Day”

is a great budgeting board game suitable for ages #8 and up, and It can be played with 2-4 players. Players struggle with bills and expenses and can earn money out of deals they make on properties. At the end of the month, each player is paid the same amount of salary as others. It’s also possible to take loans if necessary. Let’s not spoil the game anymore. Let your kid have a bold start on learning money management using Pay Day.

The Game of Life

This forever-popular game is proper for 8-year-old kids and up. As the name suggests, it exactly pictures real-life milestones on a board game. The player can get married, get a job, adopt pets, etc. The game features a bank that makes the process of teaching kids about “Budgeting” easier. 

Games about Money Investment

Investing is a financial skill that can provide a source of income. If we start teaching our children about it when they are young, they’ll grow up with a better understanding of it.
Some games can help you throughout the teaching process.

Rich Dad Investing “CashFlow”

This game is possibly the most popular investing board game. Purchase property, valuable metals, and properties to break out a rat race and meanwhile, kids learn vital investing lessons. “Reach Dad Investing” is designed for teenagers.

made up money games

Made-up Money Games 

Money Sorting Race

In order to help your kids understand different coins and cash values, you can set a timer and ask them to sort the coins based on their value. The player with the lowest time record wins the game!

Role-Play Money Games

You can be a shopkeeper, and your children play the role of customers. Help them understand how to purchase items in a shop or how to budget. You can also switch places. Sit back and see how they make a sale.


Put different coins and cash in front of your kids and ask them to paint them. Constantly looking at something and drawing it helps our brain to remember it faster and better.

If you have your own made-up game, let us know its scenario and rules in the comments.

Final Words 

I personally believe games are saviours that help us warm up our meetings, improve our relationships with our friends, family, and kids, and learn a thing or two.
If you feel nervous about teaching your kids about money, its value, financial skills and term, games can be a magical solution.
Use our gaming app, boardgame, and made-up game list to find the most suitable one for your beloved kids.

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