Re-Gifting Guide for Teenagers


Imagine unwrapping a gift and facing something you hate or will never use! Like being a Superman fan and receiving a Batman action figure or getting a sweater in the colour you disgust. You may also desperately look for the receipt to return or change the gift but sadly it’s not there!
The first and most headache-free solution that comes to your mind might be throwing it away or tucking it in the deepest corner of your closet. YounGo Money has a top-notch idea!
What if I tell you there’s a better way to get rid of your unwanted gift? It helps you save money and make someone else happy!
Don’t be so proud of your guesses the answer was in the title! But yes, the ultimate magic bullet is “Re-gifting.”
You may find it cheap, thoughtless, or feel guilty for gifting your friends something you didn’t like or want. Well, don’t! Unlike common belief, it’s completely acceptable to re-gift.
Believe it or not, it’s the best thing you can do due to the following reasons.

What is Re-Gifting?

How is Re-Gifting considered a good deed?!

Others May Love the Things You Hate!

That Batman action figure we talked about earlier may be something your friend has dreamt of for a long time. Or that tight jeans aunt Judy bought for your birthday may fit your little sister and save her from the troubles of purchasing a new pair! If you think more deeply about it, handing over the unwanted gifts you’ve received is a win-win action. You clear out your closet from the stuff that you don’t like. In addition, you also make another person happy. 

Reduces Waste

Sadly, the number of people who throw out the stuff they don’t want is not little! Even our small efforts or decisions can be a game-changer and either sentence our planet to death or save it. The growing number of produced trash has a baneful effect on our environment. One tiny step we can take to prevent this catastrophic event is re-gifting! Instead of treating the stuff you don’t want as garbage, take it somewhere it’s loved!

Save Your Precious Time

Regifting can be the best way to avoid exhausting hours of waiting in long lines in malls or digging the shopping websites. 

Last but not least, Save Money

Instead of spending your pocket money or your summer job salary on your friend’s birthday gift, put your money in a piggy bank you own. It doesn’t seem that much to buy your “bestie” a necklace you know she likes, but the number adds up if you include your other friends’ birthdays or special occasions like mother’s day. 

If we could interest you in this concept and you are impatiently waiting for the next birthday party to see how it feels to regift, you better take a moment and read the following tips.
These small but vital points help you have a “Smart Regifting” experience that is more meaningful than just passing an unwanted gift.

Smart Re-Gifting

Easy-to-follow Rules for “Re-Gifting”

Make Sure it’s Brand-new

If you’ve opened a gift or used it before, then forget about giving it to another friend. The recipient may think it’s secondhanded and inconsiderate. For the first step, check if your gift is spic-and-span. 

Don’t look at it as Throwing Away

The ultimate goal of re-gifting is to give our friends something they love that we don’t need or want. Remember, if you are re-gifting only to get rid of it, you’ll make it less valuable. 

Re-gifting Meaningful Presents is Not Allowed

Think about the time and effort someone has put in finding you a special gift. For instance, a handmade mug you got from your uncle last year that he even curved your initials on it would be the last suitable thing on earth for re-gifting. 

Make it Special

Use all of your creativity to make attractive packaging for your gift. If you are re-gifting someone a book that you have 2 copies of, wrap it nicely with paper in their favourite colour. 

Store and Note Regiftables

Consider having a drawer or a box, especially for the stuff you want to re-gift to keep them safe and clean in one place. Besides, note the name of the people who gave you each gift on a piece of paper to avoid returning it to them.

It Doesn’t Have to Be a Secret

Depending on the person you’re regifting to, you can decide whether to tell them about regifting or not. If you had something you didn’t use but your close friend liked so much, you can be honest about the re-gifting. By telling them, you can also encourage them to do the same! That way, you’ll be teaching others about the benefits of this action. 

Re-Gifting Alternatives

Re-gifting Alternatives

Re-gifting can be a beautiful gesture. However, if you are doubtful about it there are other ways you can choose.
For instance, selling it online or donating it to a charity or someone who may need it. If you happen to know other helpful tips and rules about regifting or other better options for your unwanted stuff, feel free to tell us in the comments.

Wrap Up

Regifting can benefit you, others and your environment more than you can imagine. However, it has to be done cautiously.
Follow the mentioned tips to make it memorable for you and your friends.

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