TikTok Parental Control


TikTok is now teenagers’ and kids’ most liked social media channel, with almost 3 billion downloads until today! The growing interest among young generations has made parents wonder what it is about this application that can keep their children stair on mobile phones for hours. More importantly, are our children spending their time in a safe environment? If not, how can we stop them or make the app safer?
YounGo Money’s ultimate goal is that parents direct their kids on the right path. Following this idea, we’ve decided to discuss TikTok parental control.
There are some risks and issues while your kids are using TikTok that, as parents, you should be aware of to be able to help if needed.

What is TikTok?

Nowadays, almost everyone knows TikTok as they may have seen their children dancing in front of the camera or trying hard to make a funny video.
This popular application is a platform similar to Instagram. Users can share their videos and watch others.

TikTok parental control

How to Activate TikTok Parental Control 

Just like Instagram parental control, some built-in options in TikTok let parents limit some actions and control their kids’ accounts. To activate the TikTok parental control, you should turn on the Family Safety Mode in the TikTok setting. This option connects your TikTok to your kids’ accounts. You can now take advantage of the Digital Wellbeing options, including limiting the hours your kid spends on TikTok and restricting the TikTok profiles who can send messages.

There are also applications made especially for monitoring the kids’ behaviour on TikTok. Based on your priorities, such as the apps’ price, features, etc., you can choose the best TikTok parental control app.
When you’ve made your decision and chosen the best-fitted TikTok parental control app, there are a few things you should consider. The first step is to let your kids know about it. Talk about the possible risks and vitality of keeping them safe on TikTok. The second important point you should consider is creating a password for the app you are using in case your kids may want to change the setting.

TikTok’s Age Limit

Parents should be aware of all the apps their kids use. When you read the description of mobile applications and games, you find an age limit section talking about the minimum age requirement in order to use the app. However, considering your kids’ personalities, you can decide whether to let them use an app or not, no matter if they’ve reached the age that the app suggests. TikTok doesn’t permit under-13 users to create an account. However, as you know, kids are smarter than that. They may change the year of birth to enter TikTok. That’s why parents must be aware of the apps their kids use.

TikTok Parental Control, Paring Parent and Kids Accounts

The TikTok Family Pairing option lets parents change their kids’ TikTok settings from their own mobile phones. As the name suggests, this option links the accounts and lets the parents be in control.
The activation process is not a tough row to hoe. All you have to do is to enter your TikTok profile and tap on the human icon. Then select setting and tap on the Family Paring option. Select your role “Parent.” Then, a QR code appears on your phone.
Now, ask your children to enter their TikTok profiles and follow the exact steps we mentioned earlier. Select “Teen” and scan the QR code on your mobile phone. Tadaa! Your accounts are linked, and you are good to go!

TikTok Parental Control, How tos!

Find the answer to all your questions about TikTok features and setting here.

Making the Teens’ TikTok Account, Private

Changing an account setting and turning it into a private account will prevent your profile from being seen by anyone. To make an account private, you have to tap on the three vertical dots, choose privacy and then tap on the Private Account.

Screen-time Limit 

If you’ve read our blog about screen time, I bet you’re a master of this subject!
However, TikTok also let parents set s screen-time limit for their teens. To use this feature, all you need to do is to select Setting, Digital Wellbeing, and choose Screen Time Management.

How to Find Out What Videos They Liked

There is so much content on TikTok that may not be appropriate for your child. That’s why it’s vital to find out what videos they regularly watch and like. It’s easy to find out on TikTok, enter their profile, navigate to the three vertical dots and tap on “Privacy.” There’s a “Who Can See Your Like” option, and select Friends.
Now the likes are appearing to you as your children’s TikTok friends.

Comments under Videos 

There’s a chance that some people try to leave nasty comments under your children’s videos on TikTok. The first step is to make their account private so that only friends and family can watch their videos. However, TikTok also let you filter comments by certain keywords, or there is another option of switching the comments off. In addition, by going to “Privacy” and selecting “Who Can Comment on Your Videos,” you can restrict some accounts from leaving comments.

How to enable Restricted Mode”?

Restricted Mode is a superb feature that filters the content you don’t like your teens to see.
To activate this option, go to “Setting,” choose Digital Wellbeing and then select Restricted Mode. Now you have two choices. You can manually filter the content by adding keywords. Or select the auto-filter option. It clears out your kids’ feeds based on their age.

 Deactivate the Downloads from TikTok

To make sure your teen doesn’t download videos from TikTok, you can go to “Setting,” select “Downloads,” and tap on “Never Allow.”

 Deactivate Messaging on TikTok 

To restrict messaging, you should navigate to “Setting,” then select Who Can Send You Direct Messages, and choose “No One.”

Teenagers Using TikTok

Why Is TikTok Parental Control Necessary?

Needless to say, you can find almost any type of content on TikTok. Some videos may contain violence or porn, which are inappropriate for teenagers.
In addition, just like any other social media channel, there’s a risk of cyberbullying and harassment through TikTok.
Another problem with this application is that it requires lots of data. Such as contacts or location.
Besides all of these concerns, many parents worry about their children spending so much time on TikTok. This behaviour can have destructive results, such as mental and physical problems, lower grades at school, and a disability to communicate with others in the real world.
The reasons we mentioned are horrifying enough to motivate parents to care more about their children’s safety when they use TikTok, and that’s why parental control is necessary

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